LaShé Rodriguez has a deep love for public service which has led her to dedicate her life to service in local government and nonprofit organizations. She currently serves as the Chief of Staff for Orange County Supervisor Doug Chaffee. LaShé earned her Bachelor’s degree at University of California Riverside and later earned a Master’s Degree in Communication Management from the University of Southern California.

Born in Riverside, LaShé started volunteering at an early age. She found that local government affects the community more directly than distant federal and state decisions – especially surrounding youth development and K-12 education. As a young professional, she can speak directly to the experiences that students are having today.

With the emergence of social media technology in the classroom, and cyber-bullying extending into the home, younger parents and their kids are constantly navigating dated policies. LaShé is proud of the initiatives she established on the San Bernardino Unified School District anti-bullying committee. She worked with students, parents, and administrators set forth policies that created awareness and protected students.  struggling with out-of-date standards and out-of-touch administrators. LaShé is focusing on preparing our district’s youth for the future – not just catching up with the present.

LaShé believes that being a school board member is so much more than just making curriculum and budget decisions. It’s truly about mentorship. Whether adults realize it or not, they’re providing guidance to young people through their actions and their presence. With three younger brothers who went through the public-school system themselves, she is ready to support her students on a deeply personal level in the same way she supported them.